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Women’s Medieval Style Tunic


We have a men’s style available, so here is the women’s version.  The main difference is the length of the dress and the sleeves.

womens medieval tunic


Medieval Style Tunic


Time for something on my bucket list…  a good starter SCA Pattern.  The SCA is a group of medieval enthusiast that have chapters all over the world.   Unlike Rendezvous or some other games, you have to be dressed in costume to go to an event held by the SCA.  When a new person comes they are often overwhelmed with what to make.  This is for all my friends who help people get into garb or for all those who would just like something medieval.

There are many shirts that have been unearthed over the years.  The “tunic” (which is just the French word for shirt) is a style worn throughout hundreds of years.  This particular pattern is a simplified version of one found in the Kraglund Bog in Denmark.  It’s carbon dated to c. 1040-1155.  For more information, Marc Carlson’s site Some Clothing of the Middle Ages is fantastic.   I’ve made literally hundreds of tunics so the technical writing on this may not be the level you are looking for.  I am always glad to answer any questions and even skype if we can find a mutual time to help you through the pattern.  Please refer to the diagram on the pattern as an assembly guide.

If you would like a nicer fitting tunic made out of linen, I sell those as well.  I base my pattern off the Herjolfsnes 33 and 34.  This is a super comfortable style with very good ease of movement.  I offer these tunics without decoration for $100+shipping and handling.  Pictures can be found on the Maggie Bruce facebook page listed below.

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And here is today’s offering:

Medieval Style Tunic

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Medieval Tunic

Men's Tunic of a slightly different style

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Welcome to  Sew4cons!

I’m Jacqui and I’m starting up a small scale pattern company specifically aimed at Convention goers and reenactors.  Two years ago I opened my own business selling costumes to history reenactors.  As I’ve networked into different areas of history, I’ve been terribly disappointed at the availability of patterns in the different genres.  With 20 years patterning experience, I think I can put a dent in that.  Hopefully, I can develop this new venture into a reliable source for your costume pattern needs.

Last year, my son started Kindergarten at a school with a strict dress code.  I dutifully ordered ties from the school uniform store and after a couple of months of school realized they were not working.  The kids ties were too long.  I remembered my great aunt making ties for my brother back in the seventies and her saying that they were easy to make.  So, I started making ties for my son that were scaled to his size.  After my first few, I realized I could take apart ties from the thrift store and recut them for him and  we were on our way.  He now has tons of adorable ties to wear and I get complements on them all the time.  To that end I will post my tie patterns.  They are in PDF format and will only cost a few dollars to get them printed at your local print shop on a wide format printer.  No scaling up from a small picture needed!



Tie Fabric:  Belraf Fabrics

I’m still working at these and editing them.  Let me know when you find the errors and enjoy!

neck tie child size

bow tie

men’s neck tie

Please credit these patterns if posting elsewhere.  I’m a stay at home mom making my living on sewing and need all the help I can get.