How to Print Patterns on this Blog


I’ve had an usually high number of requests recently on how to print patterns from this blog.  I use Adobe to print.  I’ve tried some of the other PDF readers out there and have not been satisfied with the results.

Go into print, select poster, and print.  You will have to cut out the pieces and tape them together with this method.  I have also uploaded the files to local print shops when pressed for time and had them printed on wide format printers.  It’s usually about the price of a new pattern msrp. Most of the time I have enough leeway to spend the time cutting and taping.

how to print

This will give you a preview on the right of how it will look and how many pages it will print.  If you are on a mac, I’m sorry I really don’t have the experience to help you.

I draft all patterns at full size so they should print full size under Adobe.  Good luck and please keep the questions coming.  I answer more quickly if you put your questions in the comments under the post.  I’m having some technical difficulties with the email address associated with this blog.

Thank You!


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